how you even find this blog?
anyway dis is meh multi fandom blog(I couldn't pick just one)
fandoms include: doctor who, supernatural, sherlock, firefly, avengers, parks and rec, lord of the rings, psych, pixar/disney, tfios, and many more ps, i like dogs so expect lots of dogs

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  • mum: do you want pizza?
  • me: YEAH
  • mum: okay get dressed
  • me: fuck it was a trap


Wayne Brady has reached the level of Eternal Scout

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so i was ordering a top online and put “please” in the discount box and this happened

i got $0.20c off IM CRYING


  • no one: ur cute

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[radio plays Pompeii by Bastille]

[turns radio up because I’m a disgusting nerd who loves sad British men asking rhetorical questions that don’t make sense given the situation described]


Are cats even real?

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