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Oooohhh what of Bucky was looking at Steve one time and started getting flashbacks and his sight flashed and he saw little Steve and then he just starts crying and says I got my Stevie back. And then hugs him.


The Winter of 37’ had been the worst on record, by government standards. As far as Bucky was concerned, it was the worst because that year Steve had written his will.

His lungs were rattling, his veins were bulging, and Steve was dying. Bucky was up most nights trying not to cry, trying not to lose it, and when Steve called for him to write down his last testament, Bucky had almost refused.

He didn’t have much to leave, or anyone to leave what little he had to. So that’s how Bucky found himself writing down that, should the blond die, he would receive every painting Steve has ever done.

After he’d recovered they never spoke of it again, but Bucky had ripped up the will and sent it scattering into the wind, artificial snowflakes to get lost with the real ones.

"Bucky? What are you looking at? Why are you crying?" 

Summer, 1939. The threat of war was a Swastika shadow that loomed over the country and hung heavy like an impending raincloud, yet all Bucky felt was sun.

He and Steve were in Brooklyn park, flying a kite and eating chunks out of a stale bread loaf that they had scrounged just enough money for. The thin beams of sun that pierced through the clouds reflected off of Steve’s blond hair and created spun gold. The light got trapped in his eyes and brought the ocean to Steve’s irises. 

The world was dark and yet everything in Bucky’s world was radiance.

"I just… hold me, will ya, Stevie?" 

They were far too old for trick-or-treating, and yet Bucky found himself following after Steve, dressed as a scarecrow and collecting sweets in a brown paper bag.

By the end of the night Steve had filled his bag and half of Bucky’s. The latter went to grab a hardboiled candy, when Steve shook his head and lead him to the orphanage. 

And so Bucky and Steve found themselves side-by-side, one as a scarecrow and one as a lion, putting on skits and handing out treats to the orphans who had even less than the nothing they themselves had. And Bucky had never been more in love.

"Of course, Buck. But you’ve gotta tell me… what’s wrong?" 

The spring of ‘42 found Bucky being christened as Sergeant Barnes of the 107th. On the day he shipped out, he put the tiny crucifix necklace that had been his mother’s in Steve’s tiny hands. 

It was all he had left of Mrs Barnes, an icon that promised protection and enduring faith.

In turn, Steve gave him a ring that had belonged to his father, the wedding band that promised fidelity and enduring love.

That had been all Bucky needed, all he would ever need.

"Nothing’s wrong. It’s just… I finally have my Stevie back."

"Oh Bucky… I never left."

I have to say, I’m proud of this one. I hope you like it too :) xox


This is beautiful and is basically a real life version of Steve and Bucky

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people who laugh so hard at their own jokes that they can’t even finish the joke because they’re laughing so hard are my favorite kind of people




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One time during class my drama/english teacher, who’s a devout vegan and all about not killing animals, accidentally stepped on a ladybug. He froze up and slowly cradles it in his hand and he was so heartbroken and started quoting Hamlet.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was a red m&m.

I can’t breathe


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